OXCN specialist communication systems

We specialise in the design and implementation of communication systems for the following.

SCADA and associated support systems.

We design and deliver communication systems for SCADA systems as well as companion systems such as smart metering and power quality monitoring.

Security and remote access.

Extensive experience in all aspects of IT security especially related to SCADA systems and traffic. We have also delivered large-scale remote access solutions and also specialise in RADIUS and two factor authentication systems.

Network design and optimisation.

OXCN has extensive experience in the design of specialist network systems using various technologies. We have derived high performance networks utilising technologies such as VSAT and GPRS.

Specialist engineering services.

We will design and build specialist equipment either prototypes or one-off units. OXCN has taken products through CE proofing and has a good understanding of all the required processes. We are very happy to comply with various IP requirements.

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